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Creating high quality, savoury vegan products from several ethnic regions that will satisfy customer expectations.

Our Story

A group of volunteers who are taking actions on hunger and food waste around the world join together and has created Immigrant Link Centre Society (ILCS Charity) since 2016. The original idea was to help some of the less fortunate families in the school itself once a week and to protect the environment, but it grew to 7 days of distribution at 15 different locations feeding more than 2000 people per months.

We distribute perishable surplus food, day-old food or close to the best before date, that’s still viable from grocery stores, (that would otherwise have been thrown out adding to landfill waste), free of charge. All of our clients are people who are in need due to low income, vulnerability, refugees in transition, single moms. We believe that no one should struggle to obtain the necessities of life.

ILCS collects food from grocery stores and distributes over 500 tons of food annually worth over 1.5 million dollars.

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In the last five years we have worked on our program exclusively using personal vehicles, gas, and also paying for all our costs, so we decided to create a social enterprise called “Soul Bite Food” to help ILCS to grow, expand and feed more less fortunate people and also to help charities dedicated to fight hunger and combating food waste.

Soul Bite Food Incorporation is a social enterprise that produces delicious vegan food which made by old ethnic recipes. Above and beyond being a social enterprise, Soul Bites wants to connect you with traditional vegan flavours from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. With our frozen line of Vegan Comfort Food for retail and foodservice, you can experience flavourful vegan food like you’ve never seen before.

Recently our product won the Silver award for BC’s Most Outstanding New Product at the FTGU tradeshow. We are finally ready to share our amazing story with the rest of the world!

Video by Citizenship and Immigration Canada / Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada